Make sure you know your free baggage allowance and what you are permitted to take in your luggage before you travel.

Hand Baggage

To ensure a hassle-free experience at the airport, please familiarise yourself with the following information about hand baggage allowances and what you are permitted to take in your luggage.
All customers can bring one main piece of hand baggage on-board weighing up to 12kg, plus one personal item (such as a small handbag, purse, small briefcase, laptop bag, baby-changing bag, etc). Personal items are accepted at bmi regional’s discretion. Hand baggage must have a maximum length of 55cm, width of 40cm and depth of 23cm. These dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets, etc.

Larger pieces of hand baggage will have DAA tags ( ‘Deliver At Aircraft side’) attached to them at check-in or the gate. This tag is used for items that don’t fit in the overhead locker. These items are placed in the hold and passengers are then able to collect those items at the aircraft side on arrival.

**As of 2 July 2014, there are new security measures announced by the UK Department of Transport on some routes into and out of the UK. Passengers may be required to show that electronic devices in their hand luggage are powered up or face not being allowed to bring the device onto the aircraft. Therefore, all bmi regional passengers are advised to make sure electronic devices being carried in their hand luggage are charged before they travel.

The following hand baggage allowances are available on all bmi regional operated flights:

Economy Fare Baggage

All passengers travelling on a bmi regional Economy Fare are entitled to check in one item of baggage weighing up to 20kg as well as one item of hand baggage (see above).

Sports equipment may be included as part of the free allowance.

Economy Flexible Fare Baggage Allowance

If you are travelling on an Economy Flexible Fare, you can check in up to two bags, with a maximum combined weight of 30kg. You can carry one item of hand baggage (see above).

Sports equipment may be included as part of the free allowance for Economy Flexible passengers only.

Weight Limit for a Single Piece of Baggage

All customers travelling to and from the UK, are not permitted to check in any bag that weighs in excess of 32kg (70lbs).

The maximum weight limit of 32kg for any individual piece of baggage does not affect the total combined weight of all bags you are entitled to check in. It is instead a safety measure aimed at reducing injuries to baggage handling staff. Any item over 32kg should be referred to bmi regional cargo.

Excess baggage

All passengers travelling on Economy Fare are entitled to check in one item of baggage weighing up to 20kg as well as one item of hand baggage (see above).

If you are travelling on an Economy Flexible Fare, you can check in up to two bags, with a maximum combined weight of 30kg.

If you have excess baggage, you will be charged. Please see the full details of our Excess Bag policy here.

Baggage allowances when flying on Codeshare flights

bmi regional operate a number of flights on a code share basis – where the flight can have a flight number beginning with ‘LH’ or ‘SN’.

If you are flying on a ticket with the flight number ‘LH’ or ‘SN’, you may find that Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines baggage allowances may differ from the bmi regional allowances shown above. For the specific terms and conditions of bmi regional’s flight partners, please contact the relevant airline, or visit you should go to or, and find out about their hand and hold baggage allowance.

If you are travelling on non-bmi regional operated (codeshare) flights, or connecting to a codeshare flight, excess baggage charges will apply and are calculated on an individual route sector basis.

Baggage Allowance on Connecting Flights & Through Check-In

If you have booked a flight with one single ticket and one booking reference, connecting directly to another destination, your bags can be through checked to your final destination (subject to minimum connection times).

So if you are flying on a connecting flight:

  • bmi regional to bmi regional
  • bmi regional to other carriers
  • Codeshare flight with Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines

You can through check your bags the whole way through to your final destination.

However, if have booked the trip using using separate tickets, you are not eligible for the through check-in service, or the through tagging of baggage service.

Prohibited Hold Baggage Items

Some items that are prohibited from being carried in hold baggage. Customers are asked to remove such items from their baggage. Please see our Prohibited Baggage Items section for more information.

Items You May Bring Onboard

Flight Essentials

Please make sure you have packed the following in your hand baggage:

  • Flight tickets and boarding passes
  • Passport and any other important documents
  • Medication
  • Car keys
  • Money
  • Valuable items

We cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to such items placed in your hold baggage.


Government and airport authorities enforce strict rules and regulations regarding the carriage of liquids. Liquids can be taken through airport security check points, but there are restrictions on the quantity of liquids that can be taken through.


Liquid medicines and baby food deemed to be essential for the flight and verified as authentic may be permitted in larger quantities above the 100ml limit. Such items must be removed from the bag and placed in a tray for separate screening.

Medicines in non-liquid form may also be carried in your hand baggage.

Special Items

Pushchairs and walking aids (including wheelchairs) are permitted, but must be security screened.

Passengers with reduced mobility may carry one wheelchair and / or other assistive devices that they are dependent upon, free of charge.

Find out more about how we help customers who require special assistance here.

Other Items

In addition to the liquids permitted, you can take the following in your main hand baggage:

Laptops / Electrical Equipment
Including laptops, mobile phones, MP3 players, portable music and DVD players, digital and film cameras, video cameras, etc. All larger electrical equipment (for example, a large hairdryer) will need to be removed from your hand baggage and x-ray screened separately.

Solid Cosmetics
For example, compact powder and lipstick (not lip gloss)

Baby Milk and Liquid Baby Food
These items are permitted in your hand baggage; however, the contents of each bottle or jar must firstly be tasted by the accompanying passenger.

Prohibited Hand Baggage Items

There are sets of items that are prohibited from being carried in the cabin of an aircraft, or on the person.

Customers are asked to remove such items from their hand baggage. Find out more about prohibited baggage items.

Passengers may be required to show that electronic devices in their hand luggage are powered up or face not being allowed to bring the device onto the aircraft. Therefore, all bmi regional passengers are advised to make sure electronic devices being carried in their hand luggage are charged before they travel.

bmi regional will NOT accept the transport of self balancing scooters, balance gliders, hoverboards or self-balancing boards of any type which use lithium or lithium ion batteries in either checked or carry-on baggage.

Security Check Area

Make sure you know what to do before you get to security at the airport so you can make life easier for yourself – and speed through security:

  • Keep to a minimum what is needed in the cabin for your flight
  • When possible, put your liquids in hold baggage
  • Prepare the re-sealable bag of liquids before arriving at the airport
  • Be ready to hand over your re-sealable bag of liquids for screening when approaching the security check point, as it will be screened at the same time as other hand baggage
  • All coats and jackets will have to be removed, ready to be screened
  • Metal items, including keys, belts and wallets, will be placed in plastic trays and scanned separately
  • Ensure that any laptops or other large electrical items are taken out and put on a separate tray.

Duty Free / Departure Lounge Purchases

Customers may carry liquid items of any size that are purchased after the security check point, in either the departure lounge or on board the aircraft. Most duty free or similar purchases will be given to customers in a special sealed bag. This must not be opened until the customer has reached their final destination. Proof of purchase should also be given and placed inside the sealed plastic bag, as this is a requirement at transfer points.

Further Information

We ask for your co-operation in the screening process, by allowing sufficient time and being prepared before you arrive at the airport. Only pack essential items in your cabin baggage and pack your liquids, gels and such items in your hold luggage.

For additional information please visit:


Infants are entitled to one piece of hold baggage, with a maximum weight of 10kg, in addition to one fully collapsible stroller.

Find out more about travelling with children.

Carry Cots

Carry cots must be stowed in hold of the aircraft; however, under very special circumstances, we may allow for it to be carried in the cabin. Your baby must however be removed from the cot during travel.

Find out more about travelling with children

Prams / Infant Travel Systems

Prams and infant travel systems must be fully collapsible. Should it not be possible to accommodate a pram on the aircraft, it will instead be carried on the next available flight.

Please Note: You are not required to deflate any tyres on your pram or infant travel system.

Find out more about travelling with children.

Electronic Equipment

The following items may be used during the flight; however, only while the seat belt sign is switched off:

  • Laptop computers
  • Electronic games
  • Calculators
  • CD players
  • Cassette players
  • Video cameras

Currently mobile phones should not be used at any time during flight as they may cause interference.


Firearms and other weapons are clearly NOT allowed in the cabin of the aircraft.

Firearms are carried in the hold of the aircraft free of charge on bmi regional services, but only if within your baggage allowance. Firearms can be carried free of charge if weight is within the baggage allowance permitted (20kg Economy fares and 30kg for Economy Flexible fares). Anything weighing over the permitted baggage allowance will be charged at a flat rate of £50 per passenger per sector.

The firearm will be carried subject to correct documentation and clearance by Customs or the Police and certain conditions. Firearms and other weapons will only be accepted for carriage under the following conditions:

  • Any firearms should be unloaded, that is, free of ammunition
  • They can only be accepted as hold baggage
  • They must be packed in a hard shell container
  • A firearms label must be attached and signed by the passenger

Get in touch with the bmi regional Customer Contact Centre if you have firearms before you fly:

Tel (UK Callers): 0330 333 7998 (Calls to this number are free of charge)

Tel (International Callers): +44 330 333 7998

Telephone lines are open:

•    Monday to Friday: 06.30 – 20.00

•    Saturday: closed

•    Sunday: 09:30-13:00, closed between 13:00-13:30, and then open from 13:30-17:30

Opening hours during bank holidays may vary.

Email address:

What Type Of Sports Equipment Can I Take?

The following items are categorised as sporting equipment when travelling on bmi regional operated


  • Bicycles
  • Canoes
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Footballs / Basketballs / Rugby Balls, etc.
  • Golfing Equipment
  • Scuba Diving Equipment
  • Skiing Equipment, Snowboards & Avalanche Rescue Backpacks
  • Surfboards, Sailboards & Water Skis

Find out more about travelling with sport equipment.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments can be carried as hold baggage, free of charge, as long as the instrument(s) remains within your allocated size and weight allowance. Excess baggage rates apply if the allowance is exceeded.

Certain instruments, such as cellos, can be carried in the cabin, subject to an additional seat being purchased, as follows:

  • One item per passenger permitted
  • Charge the same fare for the instrument as the passenger (excluding tax)
  • Choose two adjacent seats – one for the passenger and one next to the passenger for the cello
  • Cello to be secured by the safety belt with extension if necessary
  • Maximum weight of the item – 75kgs with the centre of the mass no more than 30cms above the top of the seat cushion
  • No seats adjacent to an emergency exit may be used

Please Note: Double Bass must be carried in the hold of the aircraft at all times.


bmi regional cannot be held responsible for transportation of valuables (i.e. money, jewellery, stocks and bonds etc) in hold baggage, unless covered by private insurance. Evidence of this must be shown during check-in.

Wheelchairs / Mobility Aids

Wheelchairs and mobility aids (manual or battery operated) are free of charge.

bmi regional is committed to providing the best care possible for our customers requiring extra assistance. If you need assistance, please let us know when you make your booking, so arrangements can be made at the airport.

Missing Baggage

If you have misplaced your bag or belongings in the airport terminal, please contact the airport for assistance.

Delayed or Damaged Baggage

If you find that your baggage is damaged or has not arrived at the baggage arrivals, please contact the bmi regional handling agent at the airport member immediately. The details of your baggage will be taken and our ground handling agent will offer you assistance.

If your baggage is delayed, you will be given a ten-character WorldTracer reference number by our ground handling agent. Our representatives  will start to trace your bags. When your bags are found, our handling agent will contact you and arrange a convenient time for delivery.

If you wish to speak to a handling agent, please telephone the number given to you at the time your baggage was reported missing.