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Flights to Gothenburg

We have daily flights to Gothenburg from Birmingham and Gothenburg

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second-largest city, and is home to Scandinavia’s largest harbour. If you’re looking for stylish shopping, museums, buzzing cafés and a fabulous seafood based culinary scene, then Gothenburg is your destination! The city boasts many Michelin star seafood restaurants, upmarket bars, world-class events and a picturesque archipelago on its doorstep. The stunning coastline, can be explored by taking a boat trip from its harbour. Gothenburg was the home of the 17th century Swedish East India company, and so has a long rich maritime history just waiting to be explored. Discover quaint seaside sights in the Western Archipelago and learn more about Gothenburg's past at the Gothenburg City Museum. The city plays host to the world famous Gothenburg Film Festival and Book Festival each year. Gothenburg will mesmerise you with its laid back Swedish charm!

Flying to Gothenburg

The typical flight time from Birmingham to Gothenburg is two hours. The flight from Stavanger to Gothenburg take just over an hour. The flights from Birmingham to Gothenburg depart at 17:55 Sunday to Friday, arriving in Gothenburg 20:55. The return flight from Gothenburg to Birmingham leaves at 16:20, arriving at 17:25 in Birmingham.

The flight from Stavanger to Gothenburg departs at 14:50 Sunday to Friday, arriving in Gothenburg 15:55. The return flights from Gothenburg to Stavanger leaves at 21:20, arriving at 22:30 in Stavanger.

Getting from Gothenburg Airport by bus on arrival from your flight to Gothenburg

The main airport to fly into Gothenburg is called Gothenburg Landvetter, and is located about 30 kilometres from the city. Gothenburg Landvetter is the main airport for the city, with all the facilities you would expect of a international airport.

The cheapest to travel from Gothenburg Landvetter Airport to the city of Gothenburg is by Flygbuss airport bus between the airport and Gothenburg centre. Book tickets online in advance at Departure buses are located directly outside the check-in hall at the airport. You can also choose to get on or off the bus at any of the centrally located bus stops, such as Korsvägen, Kungsportsplatsen, Nils Ericson terminal and Park Aveny.

Getting from Gothenburg Airport by taxi on arrival from your flight to Gothenburg

Taxis are located directly outside the international arrivals hall. Pre-booked taxis are located by the domestic arrivals hall. Taxi companies have a fixed price for travel between the airport and Gothenburg. Typical fixed rates for transfers to and from Landvetter Airport to the centre of Gothenburg range from SEK 282-440.

There are five taxi companies with an agreement to offer taxi fares to and from Gothenburg-Landvetter airport:

• Taxi 020 +46 (0)20 93 93 00
• Taxi Göteborg +46 (0)31 650 000 book online here:
• Taxi Kurir +46 (0)31 27 27 27
• Transfergruppen AB +46 (0)31 86 86 86

There is a set fee option to travel to the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel from Landvetter Airport, one way of 405 SEK

Note there are additional charge from Gothenburg Central Station and Landvetter Airport of SEK 21, and when travelling from the taxi rank at Landvetter Airport, there is an additional charge of SEK 37.

• Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel – Landvetter Airport, one way: 405 SEK
• Landvetter Airport – Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, one way: 405 SEK and an additional charge of SEK 21

Using rail onwards from Gothenburg

There is no direct rail or metro link to Gothenburg Landvetter. However, you can get the bus or a taxi after your flight to Gothenburg direct to the Central Railway Station and catch trains eastbound to Stockholm and Luleå, north to Northern Sweden and Norway, south to the beaches and onto Malmö and Copenhagen (about 3 hours), and southeast towards Borås and Kalmar.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport has all the shops, cafes and restaurants you expect from an international airport. Don't worry, you can have your final taste of fabulous Swedish cuisine at the airport in the Landvetter departures area. When you fly from Gothenburg Landvetter, bmi regional customers travelling on a fully flexible ticket can use the airport business lounge in the departures area. Note, whether you fly to or from Gothenburg Landvetter, you can make use of their great free Wi-Fi throughout the airport.

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