About us


On 1 June 2012, Sector Aviation Holdings Ltd (SAH) acquired bmi regional, securing the future of the bmi regional brand and business. bmi regional now operate as an independent entity.
Sector Aviation Holdings is being funded by Stephen and Peter Bond who have extensive aviation investment experience including Scottish regional airline Loganair, Alliance in Australia and the founders of Bond Offshore Helicopters in the UK.


  • bmi regional is owned by Sector Aviation Holdings Ltd (SAH), with its headquarters in Aberdeen and East Midlands Airport
  • bmi regional was originally known as Business Air, a privately owned airline. Business Air was acquired by the British Midland group in 1997. British Midland sold the business in April 2012 to IAG (British Airways), who then sold bmi regional to SAH on 1 June 2012
  • bmi regional concentrates on the services that its name suggests. We serve niche markets on domestic UK and European routes which are ideally suited to small jet operations
  • bmi regional operates the following Aircraft type: 14 Embraer 145 (“ER4”) with 49 seats and four Embraer 135(“ER3”) with 37 seats
  • The ERJ is a low wing T-tail aircraft powered by two rear mounted turbo fans with a cruising speed of 500 mph and cruising altitude of 37,000 feet
  • We currently employ over 400 members of staff.