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We fly to destinations across the UK and Europe and operate over 300 flights a week. Our destination guides cover all those essentials bits and pieces – how to get around, where to stay, what to see and so, whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, we can help you to plan your trip to perfection.


Aberdeen has a rich history dating back almost 8000 years and is also Europe's energy capital and home to many big players in the oil and gas industry.


We fly to Aberdeen from Bristol, Esbjerg, Norwich and Oslo.

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Bern *new destination*

Bern, the capital of Switzerland and a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, is located by the river Aare and boasts stunning views of the Alps which can be seen in the distance.


We fly to Bern from Munich.

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Disneyland Paris

See the fairytale kingdom in action across five incredible lands full of attractions, street parades and live shows. From stunning firework displays over the Sleeping Beauty Castle to travelling forward in time through space – there’s something for everyone at the magical Disneyland Paris.


We fly to Paris CDG from Bristol up to twice a day.

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The prosperity of Bristol was historically linked with the sea via its bustling port, but in recent years the original docks have been regenerated as a centre of culture and heritage.

Bristol, Clifton Suspension Bridge

We fly to Bristol from Aberdeen, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris and Dusseldorf. From July 2015 we will fly from Nantes.

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Brussels is the largest city in Belgium. As home to the European Union HQ, the city has a great multicultural atmosphere.


We fly to Brussels from East Midlands and Newcastle.

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East Midlands

Based in the centre of England, East Midlands airport is located between Derby, Nottingham and Leicester making it a perfect base for business.

East Midlands

We fly to East Midlands from Brussels.

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Jonkoping is situated by the southern end of Sweden's second largest lake, Vättern. Jonkoping is well known for its culture, beautiful surroundings and un-spoilt nature.


We fly to Jönköping from Frankfurt.

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Karlstad in Sweden is the largest city in the Varmland county. As Karlstad is located near Lake Vänern, it’s a great location for a relaxing break.


We fly from Frankfurt to Karlstad.

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bmi regional flies to Munich, the capital of Bavaria from Bristol. Munich is the third largest city in Germany, and is for famous for its historic architecture, university and artistic culture.

We fly to Munich from Bristol, Rotterdam, Liege and Bern.

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Paris *new destination*

Paris, the capital city of France is situated on the Seine River, boasting a rich culture and is home to many iconic and historic buildings and monuments.


We fly to Paris from Bristol up to twice a day.

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Rotterdam, The Netherland’s second city, has a long maritime history with one of the largest ports in the world. 


We fly to Munich from Rotterdam.

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Bremen is the third most populous city in Northern Germany, with history stretching back to the 9th century. Its town hall and guildhall ooze baroque and renaissance features and are a must see when visiting this historic city. Bremen’s harbour is one of the largest in Europe, not surprising given its original status as a Hanseatic League City, and Bremen Airport is 3.5km from the city centre - the closest airport to any city centre in Germany.

We fly to Bremen Sunday to Friday from Toulouse.

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Dusseldorf *new destination*

Dusseldorf is a modern, cosmopolitan city located on the River Rhine in Western Germany.


We fly to Dusseldorf from Bristol.

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Esbjerg was founded from nothing in 1868 after a harbour was built there. Once Denmark’s busiest fishing harbour, it is still a driving force of the local economy.

We fly to Esbjerg from Aberdeen 6 times a week.

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Frankfurt is Germany’s business and finance centre and home to the country’s largest airport. It’s a city of contrasts and mixes heritage with modern culture and design.

We fly to Frankfurt direct from Bristol, Jonkoping and Karlstad.

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The German city of Hamburg is situated on the river Elbe and its port is the second largest in Europe. Stunning architecture, shopping and seafood make this city a great tourist destination and media, shipping and engineering thrive to make up the bulk of its buoyant economy. 

We fly to Hamburg from Bristol.

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Liege *new destination*

Liege, based in Wallonia, is a charming city within Belgium. Liege is situated near the River Meuse and the best way to explore the city is by foot.


We fly to Liege from Munich.

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bmi regional flies to Milan, the second largest city in Italy. Milan is the main industrial, commercial and financial centre of Italy, host to the Italian Stock Exchange and the headquarters of the largest banks and companies. 


We fly to Milan from Bristol.

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Nantes *new destination*

Nantes is the sixth largest city in France, located on the Loire River in one of the most beautiful regions in Europe.


We will fly to Nantes from Bristol starting from 4 July 2015.

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Norwich has over 1500 medieval buildings and the picturesque Norfolk Broads, Britain’s largest protected wetlands, are on its doorstep.

We fly to Norwich from Aberdeen up to twice daily. 

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Oslo is the capital city of Norway with the city life, as well as easy access to the outdoors.


We fly from Aberdeen to Oslo. 

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Newcastle is located on the north of the River Tyne and is full of culture, heritage, architecture and fantastic shopping.


We fly to Newcastle from Brussels.

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Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France, and the capital of the Midi-Pyrenees region, the largest in France. The Old Town of Toulouse has the nick name of Ville Rose, named after its brickwork and is an absolute must see for all visiting this amazing city.

We fly to Toulouse from Bremen Monday to Saturday.

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